To-Go Wine Bottle Painting Kit



Product Description

Let your creativity roar and your imagination soar!

These Painting Kits contain:

  • (1) empty wine bottle
  • Theme stencils
  • (6) paint tubes
  • (2) paint brushes
  • (2) sponges
  • Artist palette
  • LED cork light
  • Empty wine Bottle
  • Instructions and FUN!

Easy steps:
1. Ponder the design for your wine bottle masterpiece.
2. Unwind the cork lights and insert into the wine bottle.
3. Pour paint into your palette.
4. Dab paint onto the sponge and begin dabbing paint onto bottle. Let this layer dry.
5. Remove stencils from the carrier page.
6. Place a stencil onto the dry bottle, dab paint over the stencil, remove the stencil before the paint dries.
7. Fill the bottle with your paint designs.